Freitag, 2. April 2010

long time not seen.

somehow i was a little too busy. I totally forget posting things.. i'm sorry ><
and right now time is still running out of my hands.
let's see what happened the last 2 weeks:

Ann visited me from the 26.-29.3.'10
although 3 days seem to be not a long time we did a lot:
* visited beelitz-heilstätten (an abandoned hospital, was kind of creepy but still interesting)

* went to the harajukuday - OMFG! FREAKS!
* met up with ling and suffel
* spent the whole night at the berlins central railway station

After bringing ann back to the central railway station .__. Lan, Avian, Steffi, Jacky and me celebrated Fidis 17. and we all ended up with jelly all over our clothes 'cause of a jelly-battle in lans kitchen (sorry! @ lan for the mess!!)

Yesterday Aki came over and we went from one restaurant to another. BAH! I was so full! But yummy. i like food! :D

at this point i've to thank you all for this nice week! without you i would be nothin' ._.


  1. ya gotta smile or else we'd be nothin! :0

    steffi would spam you with a huuuge monster block of text if she would be able to read it. well...she's on holidays.

    shall i do it for her?

    DX brain.....arghhh *dies*

  2. its nice to hear you had so much fun ^^ warum wohnen die tollsten menschen immer so weit weg? i keep asking myself this question and still havent found the answer :( buuu....