Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

BitchezKillah!! xD

This weekend was great! ♥
Thanks to nezumi my friday wasn't boring and I met a lot of cool people. We made funny pictures with pinky's camera but I guess I'll never see them xD
My saturday started at 8 o'clock with 2 hours sleep. Later on Fidi and me went to the mainstation to pick up the "leipziger"<3 After that we all went to the Harajukuday. We integrated a lot of people, Fidi drawed beards on our fingers (Dörte Sanchez! ARR!) and we even auctioned ourselves for 600 taler! XDand today hannah and me went to the giants. Monster-puppets which walked through berlin. I don't know why but they're scary!

Now I' ve to learn english.
Good night and sleep well!


  1. Lol, iss' das Kind da überhaupt gesichert auf dieser Riesenpuppe? XD

    Ich find die auch gruselig. :O Deswegen wollt ich nicht hin xD

  2. wuhahahaha leute integrieren XDDD

    aber die puppe is unheimlich >>'' und dann au noch so groß... hoffentlich hats dir trotzdem gefallen x)