Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

dedicated to avian

Es ist wirklich traurig Freunde zu verlieren mit denen man einen Teil seines Lebens verbracht hat.
Mit denen man lachen konnte und die einen aufgemuntert haben, wenn mal gar nichts lief.
Wahrscheinlich vermisst jeder irgendwen..
und niemand kann wirlich wissen, ob sich die Wege in ferner Zukunft nich vielleicht doch noch einaml kreuzen und man wieder zueinander findet oder nicht.

imagining life as a book
you need to finish up with a chapter to start with a new, maybe even better one! try to turn the page and write in big latters "the best part of my life will still come" :D

Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Had a nice weekend

with a-chan, avian, fidi, aki, lan, hiko, steffi and nezu

on friday we were fooling around in the kids-section of H&M, bought a monster- mega- maxi- menu at mcdoanlads, spend time in a-chans car with music so loud you couldn't hear your own voice, made some pictures with a strange horn we found in my room and had a lot of fun!!!

on saturday there was a home party at lans place with fidi, avian, steffi and nezu. this time we didn't end up with a jelly-battle but with a noodle-fight. I've never ever seen so many noodles on the ground! wait... have i ever seen noodles on a floor?! oô

next day we went to the radarstation and climped to the top tower of it and from up there you can see every little detail of berlin, i love this place it's so beautiful and beyond words. next time we will make a barbecue up there :D YAY!

[gayness] I want to thank you all for making my life this perfect.. I can't and won't imagining it without you anymore. You'll forever have and be a part of my heart and i ask you: do you know any human being who could live without this thing called "heart"?
For me it's clear: I(T) CAN'T! [/gayness]

Samstag, 24. April 2010


watch this it's so cute ^o^

Mittwoch, 21. April 2010



Montag, 19. April 2010

These words touched me!

I hope I've deserved such touching words...

▲Seth.▼                 sagte:
*so this friday
it's chillin there
no more stress. not even thinkin about it
I don't want my darn precious bud to freak and break 0.0
   Sano the shadow of a man               sagte:
freak and break o:?
              ▲Seth.▼                 sagt:
*yes. i'm sayin it's sad ya got no time no more. I know how hard you've been tryin. but man, you're this time, i'll try to help D:
   Sano the shadow of a man               sagt:
*>< thanks
              ▲Seth.▼                 sagt:
**hits ur head*
   Sano the shadow of a man               sagt:
              ▲Seth.▼                 sagt:


#    fu   k    c    n' 府会     P     A    N D     A   .     ° ::.      (no time.) sagte:
vllt. brauchst du mal ne' auszeit D: i.wie ein we. an dem du dich mal entspannen kannst - vllt. ein schönes bad :'D oder sowas <3
   Sano the shadow of a man               sagte:
klingt gut *-*
nur muss ich jedes we arbeiten ._.
      #    fu   k    c    n' 府会     P     A    N D     A   .     ° ::.      (no time.) sagt:
*kannst du nicht mal eins frei nehmen D: nur ein einziges mal - es würde dir gut tun - du brauchst das auch mal. Immerhin bist du keine Maschine, sondern ein wundervoller Mensch :'D


Ann! [Fuck you] sagt:
*ich find einfach das dich dein charakter so schön macht
*du strahlst aus dir herraus
*und bei mir ist es so
*das ich mich total wohl fühle.

Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Senseless day

Lan and me took the bus to marzahn (an area in berlin - like 2hours away from where I actually live) just to drive back again. 'cause the queue in front of the japanese garden was a bit too long, i don't know something like 100000 hours of waitingtime. and furthermore we weren't in the mood of paying 5€ just to see some flowers and buildings!
consequently we've wasted 4 hours at trainstations and inside crowded trains while outside there was the best weather since ~7 months.
BUT! somewhere on our trip we met avian aaand.. he had stuff to eat for me, damn! I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM XD (actually just because of the baguette he brought with him, no no *jokes*)

Montag, 12. April 2010

Old times

I found some old pictures in the last corner of my pc! guess who's this little boy? huh?
Right! :D
Wanted to upload these here 'cause I guess you shouldn't forget about your childhood and your past even though there were hard times, too. They're also a part of your life. Stop denying yourself my friend.

(my mum had a very bad taste of clothes!!)
music: the lion king - I just can't wait to be king

Sonntag, 11. April 2010

What if I meant to break

This post will be in german because i can express my thoughts better that way..

Und ich wusste genau, dass arbeiten neben der schule, fahrstunden, japanisch unterricht, klavier, hobbies, freunden, druckmachenden eltern und klausuren zu viel wird.. aber ich hab's natürlich trotzdem gemacht. man braucht ja das geld! wofür eigentlich? IDIOT!.. was ich aber bis dahin nicht wusste: ich mache abertausendmillionen überstunden, ein wochenende frei zu bekommen ist total ausgeschlossen und so fahren fidi und hiko ohne mich das wochenende nach braunschweig, manche mitarbeiter und vorallem die chefin sind von-oben-herabguckende-arschlöcher, die dir jeden kleinsten fehler unter die nase reiben.. damit du umso mehr lust hast nächsten tag wieder hinzugehen. hinzu kommen super freundliche kunden, die denken du bist ein übermensch und am liebsten wärs ihnen du würdest arbeiten wie eine machine. was man ja fast schon tut..
kurzgefasst: ich zittere sobald ich in dieses gebäude gehe und grade wünsche ich mir morgen nicht aufzuwachen.. nur um nicht wieder in diese hölle gehen zu müssen ._. kündigen kann ich auch nicht.. kack kündigungsfrist..
what if i meant to break?

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010



Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Meteoroid ☆

Yesterday I've seen a meteoroid for the first time, undescribable moment.
did you know they're also called falling stars? Somehow this doesn't fit! These stars are more than awesome and this name is too cheerless for them I guess ._.

sadly, I forget to wish me something.. drop

and welcome myself to formspring

9 days to go and i'm in braunschweig *_* HELL YEAH!!

Sonntag, 4. April 2010


Friday-tour to the BOBOQ teashop with avian :D

Bevor ich Avian getroffen hab hatte ich so schlechte laune._. but thanks to avian and BUBBLETEA the afternoon turned out to be great!! thanks ♥
(BUBBLETEA! ist mein neues antidepressivum)

sorry haven't much time right now
have a nice day friends and strangers!

Freitag, 2. April 2010

long time not seen.

somehow i was a little too busy. I totally forget posting things.. i'm sorry ><
and right now time is still running out of my hands.
let's see what happened the last 2 weeks:

Ann visited me from the 26.-29.3.'10
although 3 days seem to be not a long time we did a lot:
* visited beelitz-heilstätten (an abandoned hospital, was kind of creepy but still interesting)

* went to the harajukuday - OMFG! FREAKS!
* met up with ling and suffel
* spent the whole night at the berlins central railway station

After bringing ann back to the central railway station .__. Lan, Avian, Steffi, Jacky and me celebrated Fidis 17. and we all ended up with jelly all over our clothes 'cause of a jelly-battle in lans kitchen (sorry! @ lan for the mess!!)

Yesterday Aki came over and we went from one restaurant to another. BAH! I was so full! But yummy. i like food! :D

at this point i've to thank you all for this nice week! without you i would be nothin' ._.