Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Senseless day

Lan and me took the bus to marzahn (an area in berlin - like 2hours away from where I actually live) just to drive back again. 'cause the queue in front of the japanese garden was a bit too long, i don't know something like 100000 hours of waitingtime. and furthermore we weren't in the mood of paying 5€ just to see some flowers and buildings!
consequently we've wasted 4 hours at trainstations and inside crowded trains while outside there was the best weather since ~7 months.
BUT! somewhere on our trip we met avian aaand.. he had stuff to eat for me, damn! I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM XD (actually just because of the baguette he brought with him, no no *jokes*)


  1. hahaa hungry Sano attacks the baguette xD LOL aww bless but well shit happens :P at least you were with your friend :P always look on the bright side hun ^^ x

  2. Ich mag wie das Bild bearbeitet wurde! Und der Tag gestern war echt derbe sinnlos. xD~ Aber hat trotzdem Spaß gemacht mit dir mal wieder soviel Zeit zu verbringen! ♥