Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Meteoroid ☆

Yesterday I've seen a meteoroid for the first time, undescribable moment.
did you know they're also called falling stars? Somehow this doesn't fit! These stars are more than awesome and this name is too cheerless for them I guess ._.

sadly, I forget to wish me something.. drop

and welcome myself to formspring

9 days to go and i'm in braunschweig *_* HELL YEAH!!


  1. ich habe schon mindestens 7 gesehen xDD
    momentan sehe ich leider keine mehr ._.

  2. awww *_* lucky you then to see it!! ive never seen them in my whole life -.-' but if i saw it i would probably forget about a wish as well so dont worry^^ hahaaa xD i would be delighted with the beauty of the moment and stuff like that *_* aww....