Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

dedicated to avian

Es ist wirklich traurig Freunde zu verlieren mit denen man einen Teil seines Lebens verbracht hat.
Mit denen man lachen konnte und die einen aufgemuntert haben, wenn mal gar nichts lief.
Wahrscheinlich vermisst jeder irgendwen..
und niemand kann wirlich wissen, ob sich die Wege in ferner Zukunft nich vielleicht doch noch einaml kreuzen und man wieder zueinander findet oder nicht.

imagining life as a book
you need to finish up with a chapter to start with a new, maybe even better one! try to turn the page and write in big latters "the best part of my life will still come" :D


  1. i see you'll never send me the pics xDDDDD jk!!!

    Yes. I believe in the book-chapter-modus.
    I guess life's not meant to keep you thinkin bout the sad/old stuff.

    Now I need you to keep ur head up.

    I never believed in the world perfect. But I believe that it can become perfect once we're all happy. YOU TOO! Gotta archieve tha...

  2. awww what happened to you and avian :[ ??

  3. oh good then. i thought you two fighted or breaking a friendship so i was like NOO! but yeah thats good that nothing happened lol.
    aww thank you Sano. its nice to hear but i dont think so. you havent seen me so trust me i actually am fat :(
    and to the selfharm... i honestly didnt realise you can see it on this pic o.0" oh well.. too late to delete now gah!! but dont worry sano. and thanks. x