Sonntag, 7. März 2010

to recall the past

I met up with dennis again on friday.
we didn't see each other for over.. i don't know, months? And i enjoyed the day. yeah, i really did.
At his place I strarted to remember a lot of sad and funny things we did in the past. Like making pictures at abandoned places or partying like a rockstar in his room XD Hope i'll be able to spend some more time with him.

on saturday nezu + hoshi ♥ stayed at our house and we (oh i don't know how to say it in english x_x) did this thing where some people sit around a table with a glass in the middle and the alphabet placed in a circle around it. Everyone puts a finger on top of the glass, "call a ghost" and ask questions. The "ghost" gives the answer by moving to the letters... you know?
It was kind of creepy!!
I somehow miss them .___.


  1. Immer wieder seltsam jdm nach langer Zeit wiederzusehen, den man früher fast schon tägl gesehen hat. Da fragt man sich immer, warum sich alles geändert hat oder ob es sich wirkl ändern musste.

    Das Foto mag ich. Ich finde die Farben geben dem Foto einen wunderschönen Ausdruck. Ruhig und irgendwie nostalgisch.

    Wetterstation war toll. Wunderschöne Aussicht.