Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010


Vacations are over now and i feel so damn exhausted. Since 2 weeks I haven't had one day for my own, it was always someone beside me. All this time I tried to cheer up so many people. I even hid my feelings just to conjure a smile on their faces. But somehow this was exactly what I needed right now. Because as long as i can see all of you smile i feel happy.
However time after time I ask myself if leaving myself behind the scenes is worth it. If at one day when i might break down and cry someone will dumb down everything just to be there for me and encourage me...

oh i nearly forgot, yesterday i coloured my hair (:
back to black again!


  1. back in black :D

    dun worry. if you jump off somewhere we'll be there to catch ya. all of us >:0

  2. NIGGA! und hey,tut mir leid. wollte dich nicht stören oder so.. hast ja jetzt erstmal ne lange zeit pause von mir. du musst mir nur sagen,wann es okay für dich ist,wenn ich ERSCHEINE :). und dann kannst du auch ruhig deine gefühle zeigen.. hab ich ja auch. wie peinlich XD ich heule einfach vor dir wie son idiot ;_;

  3. I'll always be there for you. <3